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University of California, Berkeley


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Feasibility Study of High-Performance Cut-off Walls for Levees in Seismic Regions: Dynamic Wall Analyses and Ductile Slurry Development.

The objective of this program is to develop a novel type of "slurry" cut-off wall for levees that possesses multiple risk mitigation applications,including seepage resistance, high seismic resistance, constructability, and sustainable fabrication. This interdisciplinary project is expected to bring about new approaches that addresses the performance of broad geotechnical infrastructure systems such as levees and embankments, but potentially also other systems such as, piles, below grade pipes and underground infrastructure that have common features of soil/structure/materials interactions and are often subjected to large imposed deformation and water seepage.

As part of this project we investigated and characterized the dynamic response of levees with cutoff walls and have developed a mix for low-cost ECC (Engineered Cementitious Composite) that exhibits the necessary ductility characteristics.



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